How to be a perfect co-worker?

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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2012
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How to be a perfect co-worker?
Co-workers are people who share a workplace with each other. Many people daily deal with co-workers because they work for companies with multiple employees. Asco-workers often work together in enclosed spaces for long hours, they may establish a good working relationship. Therefore they must meet certain characteristics.
First of all a co-worker must beefficient not only in order to keep the company running smoothly but also to keep employees feeling productive. For example, in a typical day, a co-worker can waste precious minutes he did not evenrealize they were wasting until the day comes to a close. That will directly affect his results as well as his colleagues’ ones.
Then I think that a co-worker must be trustworthy. Trust helps co-workersto communicate and collaborate better, be more open with information and be much more willing to work through differences and difficulties that typically arise in the workplace.
Finally I considerthat a good co-worker must be dedicated. I understand dedication as being on time, giving 100% of him while he is at work, being productive and doing the best he possibly can. Sure, we all makemistakes, but if someone is dedicated to doing the job right, mistakes will be fewer, and this could mean incredible results for the company as well as a perfect relationship with his colleagues.
Toconclude I would like to stress that when interacting with co-workers it is essential to remember that the work environment is a unique place and that some people may feel uncomfortable with excessivefriendliness, politics, or the sharing of personal information. It can be challenging to work with difficult personalities, leading some people to seek professional advice on handling their colleaguesand office disputes. Having an open communication between people who share a workplace is necessary to ensure that small problems are quickly resolved before they can turn into major issues.
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