How to learn a correct english pronunciation?

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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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Currently, the English is one of the languages base of our career, this is subject, which, we have studiedduring some years; but these aren`t enough. Even, we make some mistakes, specially, when we speak and pronounce some words. We as a future professional, in the teaching of a foreign language if we want tobe an excellent teachers , we should know and pronounce it ,as if it were our second language, likewise, to design new methods and methodologies for teaching and learning a correct Englishpronunciation. Throughout this short article, you are going to find some tips, advices, and important data about the speech, phonetics, articulation, and physiology.

The first tip is: to know about themain features of pronunciation, which is divided in phonemes and suprasegmental features. The phonemes or the different sounds within a language; likewise, these are the smallest parts of a spokenlanguage that combine to form words. Each word has its respective phoneme or symbols phonetics, for this you can recognize and analyze the sound .For example look / / luck // .The phonemes are divided in vowels sounds which can be short sounds as: bit / / or beat / / long sounds; this symbol/ : / represents a long sound and when there is acombination between two vowels ,it`s called diphthong or when they are three it`s called triphthongs . Another part of phonemes is the consonant sounds, these may be voiced and unvoiced. The featuresof speech are applied in groups of segments or phonemes, also stress, intonation, and how sounds change. Leer fonéticamente
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