How to make wax figures

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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Have you ever seen a wax figure before? Have you ever wondered how it has become possible to make that looks exactly the same from its original subject?

There are many forms of art. Some are allaround us, while others are products of certain individuals with exceptional creativity and imagination. One modern marvel of art in today’s age is wax figures that look just like real people. Acrossthe globe, there are several museums that display life size wax figures - prototypes of various prominent personalities.

Historical and Modern Wax Figures 
Wax figures have been popular among manyancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians used to place wax god statues with the dead people in their graves during the funeral rites. Greeks used wax figures as dolls for children. The Romans preservedthe masks, effigies, or imagines of their ancestors which were displayed on ceremonial occasions and carried in funeral processions. Renaissance in Italy gave wax modeling a high place of importance inthe art circle which was practiced by some great masters. The great sculptors like Michelangelo and Giovanni da Bologna used wax models for making preliminary sketches for their statues.

In themodern times, wax-work is one of the popular attractions for art lovers. The images of historical and famous contemporary personalities are made up of waxen masks on lay figures. Sometimes, the value ofthese wax figures is enhanced by fitting mechanism to give motion to the figures. The popularity of wax figures can be judged by the famous permanent modern waxwork exhibition of Madame Tussaud, wherethe technology of robotics and audio-animatronics are also used to bring life to wax figures. 

From the looks of it, wax figures are very hard to make. But if you are determined to make one on yourown then you should first have all the materials and tools necessary and have a simple glimpse of the processes needed in making wax figures.

Step 1: Get an ample amount of clay and sculpt a...
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