Hrm in a global world

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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2010
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Lucía Moreno Torres.

Human Resources Management in a Global World.

Globalization is no longer a new term; in fact nowadays we could hear some variations from the original idea that was firstlynamed in the nineties. Anyway, in a general approach we usually understand Globalization by “international processes intrude on the preferences and behavior of national and local populations” (Smith,2004). This idea has a pejorative connotation for many social groups as this issue gets more complicated as globalization takes many forms, from politics to economy and, of course, towards people. Inthis changing global world it has turned out to be necessary for companies to design new forms of managing their business, but also their people and other kind of resources. In the following essay Iwill try to find out whether is possible or not to contribute from the business world to make a better world by globalize not just money and trade but also Human Rights, free access to the globalmarket, information, education and job opportunities for everyone and the way that a Human Resources Manager should face it. That would be what some people have called “alter-globalization”.
From aneconomical point of view, the global market has enlarged the scope to do business. Now we faced companies whose leader might be Muslim or Catholic, coming from a developed country or not, German speaker orChinese speaker, etc. So our own companies should have this fact in mind. Actually, day by day is beginning to be more common for a company to have its stakeholders spread all over the world.Therefore, it wouldn´t be strange to have your main customers in the US, your initial investment from a European capitalist and the main labour force in Taiwan. Hence, our effort to satisfy the interestsof all of them needs to be directed towards different cultures and capacities. In line with Professor Pucik, globalization has brought the HR closer function to the strategic core of the business...
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