Wrestling in the world.

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Wrestling in the world.
The professional wrestling is types of entertainment in which the involved persons take part in you fight sports programmed. It has his origins in the days of the traveling carnivals. The humble beginning of the professional wrestling includes skills of strength and acrobatic actions. During most of the century, the promoters and participants of the wrestling were arguingthat the competition was completely royal and were defending strongly the secrets of the business. Any pretension of real competition was left at the end of the decade of 1990, when the World Wrestling Federation de Vince McMahon began to describe his events as “sports entertainment ", close to a formal change of name towards World Wrestling Entertainment.
The fight like spectacle arises in thecarnivals and circuses of the USA initially from the 20th century. Initially they were professional fighters who were challenging the public to fight for money. Obviously rarely, they were losing before the places. The fights between professionals could last hours (8 ó 9) before he was declared an evident winner. To certain science even it is not known when the wrestling turned into professionalsport, which it is known is that the first company of Professional Wrestling was the EMLL, created by Salvador Lutteroth, certainly the company was Mexican and now it is known as the CMLL.
In professional wrestling there exist several ways of gaining, such as Pitfall, Surrender, Disqualification, KO or Account of 10 Out of The ring. To win for pitfall, a fighter must place the shoulders of hisopponent in the canvas and support it in this position while the umpire strikes the canvas three times. This one is the most common form to gain a fight. If the shoulders of a fighter are fallen (both shoulders touching the canvas) and any part of the fighter opponent is touching it, is completely legal to fulfill the pitfall. Illegal methods of pitfalls are to use the ropes for major power and tosupport the trousers of the opponent; these are popular methods for the rough ones or heels. In very rare occasions, the umpires manage to see these situations and in the great majority of the cases, technical fighters or face must pay the consequences, losing the fights.

To win for surrender, the fighter must do that his opponent gives up himself touching three times the canvas.
This is called"Tap Out". The Tap Out is used commonly in the professional fight in order that the public could see the surrender, since not always it is possible to hear a fighter shouting "Give up ". Normally the fighter makes that his opponent gives up himself applying a key of surrender. On having remained unconscious in a key of surrender, it leads to a defeat for K.O (Knockout). To determine if anopponent is K.O in the WWE, the umpire raises the arm of the fighter and leaves it to fall down. If it leaves, the arm falls 3 times and the fighter does not have the force to stop the fall of his arm, the fighter is considered in condition K.O. A count out it remains out of the ring up to after the umpire manages to come to the account of 10. The count finishes when the fighter places his two feet ofreturn in the ring. If both fighters are out of the ring, the count begins for both. A very common tactics, to manage more time out of the ring, are that a fighter between and immediately it goes out for the ring, to restart the account. If both fighters remain out of the ring when the account comes to 10, both are discredited and there is named a "Double Count out ". If both fighters are knockeddown in the canvas and do not move, the umpire can begin a count of 10 until someone of the fighters puts of foot. If a fighter is achieved to put of foot, the count finishes at once. If none of the fighters manages to put of foot, it is considered to be a tie known as "Double KO” or, of incorrect form, "In ring count-out ".
A disqualification can be caused for numerous reasons: To use keys or...