Human resource management

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It is important to recognize that performance management promotes productivity within the organization, is a way to contribute to business success and the achievement of the purposes defined by the organization. Performance evaluation serves as an indicator of the quality of the work done by the Human Resources area.

If the evaluation indicates that a large majority will cooperate with lowperformance, there may be, then, many employees excluded from promotions and transfer plans, resulting in a high percentage of staffing problems and a low level of dynamism in across the enterprise. These problems can be generated by the Human Resources Department by failing to properly select candidates for promotion or as an analysis of incomplete or incorrect.cTherefore, the Department mustevaluate the results of performance evaluations in the light of his own administration.

It is important for management development, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the staff, know the quality of each of the partners, required for a program of selection, management development, defining roles and establishing rational and fair to reward performance.

This technique is equally importantbecause it can identify and communicate to employees how they are performing their work and in principle, to develop plans for improvement.

Another important use of assessment to the employee, is the promotion of improved results. In this respect, are used to communicate to employees how they are doing their jobs or positions, and propose changes in behavior, attitude, skills, or knowledge

Theabsence of support from general management, either because they believe in the evaluation or they do not want to attach them to wage increases, may cause difficulties in certain sectors of the company that hinder the evaluation work.

One way to support the assessment by management is:

Take into account within the policy that the company has written on "Personnel Management". That is, includein it a section to expose everything about the evaluation plan (primary objective, secondary objectives is to carry it out, etc.).

Contribute effectively, through talks and discussions with staff and other department officials advised in how to assess, especially supervisors and executives.

The methods, means and procedures to increase the motivation of human resources are fundamentalpurpose, to exercise a proper influence on the so-called internal and external motivators of behavior of individuals, ensuring a state of positive influences satisfaction directly and considerable scope for effective motivation that leads to a high percentage in achieving the goals.

Individuals seeking to be recognized for their actions, that keep them active. The behavior will depend or maintained bypositive reinforcement, in other words, they cease to do well in the absence of a positive reinforcement to motivate.

The managers of organizations must be able to make action plans to achieve its objectives, linking them to the real needs and aspirations of subordinates or employees seeking satisfaction as a result.

For the development of the Strategy requires the existence of a group ofconditions based on:

- Recognition of the need of management: work motivation in the university environment is possible as the coordinator and the partners of the organization assume that this is necessary for the development support of it.

- Motivation and Leadership: the management level should influence the increase of work motivation, characterized by consistent exercise leadership by themanagement.

- Flexibility: Improving work motivation should be evident and adapt to circumstances depending on context.

- Integration: The motivation to work to promote the integration of all that make up the village and not serve to create friction between them


Stage I: Commitment and Engagement Coordination

Awareness Coordinator on the issue giving rise to this...
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