Human resources contrast betwen asia and australia

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“Human resources management refers to the policies, practices and systems that influence employees’ behaviour, attitudes and performance” (De Cieri Kramar, Pag 4) that means employees get in a strategy way to improve mechanism production, thus employers and employees live a satisfactory environment.
Human resources management is a globalization effect. However HRM isrevolutionizing whole process around the world. That is because countries like United States of America, England and France start the industrialization revolution and with that companies start to see different changes in their process due that process needs a massive help of workers. Companies start to design new methods to help to save money, creating profit and Lessing budget. That is the reason whycompanies created strategies like specialization work to improve the performance in their factories, which means they were saving money and producing quality massive goods. Also companies has becoming searching about new systems to restructuring process inside companies.


To begin with the discussion, it is important to have a cleardefinition of what Human Recourses Management inside an organization. According to Frederick Tailor and his scientific management theory, also call Tailorism, workers inside a process are incapable to clearly understand what they are doing even if it a very simple task. That is the reason why he uses scientific methods to develop assistant that allow to analyzed and synthesized workflows.

AccordingFrederick Taylor in his book the early sociology of management and organizations “The principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for each employer, coupled with the maximum prosperity of each employee”.
In the beginning HRM was just a method that doesn’t work for the reasons that companies didn’t need a work method. Employers start to develop a big demand of goodsincreasing sales day by day then thought in create that today is calling work specialization that mean that each employee have a specific skill and specific roll that company can use in pro. In that way employers optimize resources and get the best of each employee.


It is difficult to talk about human resources in Asiaspecifically in Southeast Asian. Everybody knows about socialism rules and no democracy that means rights that can work in a specific situation. “More and more products are designed in one country, their component parts are made in others and the assembly of the final product takes places in stills another. Top managers at Ford, IBM, SONY and other global corporations, for example, have no real need for theworld “overseas” in every business vocabulary. They operate as global business that view themselves as equidistant from customers and suppliers, wherever in the world the may be located”. (Management 3rd Asia-pacific edition), to explain globalization concept say “Globalization is the worldwide independence of resource flows, product markets and business competition”, that means each country haveown rules to incorporate in his company, also globalization give a tools to improve the human resources, because each company wants incorporate new human resources strategies to get best results in production.

One of Asian issues was worker exploitation in some countries like China, companies who trying to improve workers condition observed a bad situation between employees and employers,actually workers use to work more than 16 hours a day seven days a week. This situation was fixed for each company to start to produce to the same company.

One conditional thing is make the difference, “Human resources development has to be a top priority in any organization with high performance aspirations, testimonials like this say it all: “people are our most important asset”. (Management...
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