Ice breakers

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Directions: Find someone in your class that is described by each item found in the boxes below. Put their name in the box that describes them. For each box a different person must be selected.

Iplay a sport.
Name ____________ I play video games.
Name _____________ I went on a long trip recently.
Name _____________ I have a cat as a pet.
Name _____________
I went to a warm place over thesummer.
____________ Vanilla is my favorite Ice Cream Flavor.
_______________ I know someone who went to NYC.
_______________ My favorite clothing is Jeans.
I like Rock Music._______________ I like Cartoons.
_______________ I like Rap Music.
_______________ I have a pet fish.
I have a big skateboard.
_______________ I can play an instrument._______________ I can touch my tongue to my nose.
_______________ I go on the Internet often.
I can say the alphabet backwards.
_______________ I can say something in another language._______________ I have a basketball hoop.
_______________ I have a hole in my shoes at home.

Directions: With a partner, answer the following questions about your school.
1. How manyfire extinguishers are in this classroom? Where are they located? _____________________________________________.
2. In case of a fire drill or alarm, what is our exit and where do we go?_____________________________________________.
3. What is the principal's name? _____________________________________________.
4. If there was an emergency in the room, and the teacher was unconscious, wherecan you get help? _____________________________________________.
5. What is name of the school's mascot? _____________________________________________.
6. What is the address of the school?_____________________________________________.
7. In the front of the school, do the doors open to the outside or the inside? _____________________________________________.

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