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Main Idea Lesson
Summarize the main idea and supporting details in a text in ways that maintain meaning and logical order. SLAR/ELAR4.11A
Students work productively in teams. SLAR/ELAR4.31
Students organize and present theirideas and information according to the purpose of the research and their audience.

Index cardsPencils
Short story or article
Introduction / review:
* Review with students the concept of main idea and details.

Guided Practice
* Read a short story out loud. Have studentswrite and draw a picture of the mail idea. Share some with the group.

Independent Practice :

* Give the students four index cards, have them write first, second, third and main idea on one sideof the card. Teacher will show a short story or article on the overhead or proyector. Have students read the story. Have them write what happened first, second and third on the appropriate card.They should also write what the story is mostly about on the main idea card.

* Use four index cards to write four different main ideas. Four students will be holding each index card.Each student will represent one main idea. Teacher will write four details for each main idea, one index card for each detail. Students that don’t have a card will receive an index card with adetail. Teacher will ask the to the students that are holding a detail to find their main idea. Teacher will have to make sure that each main idea have four correct details. After that students will beworking as a group . Students need to create a story using the main idea and details that they have.
* Students will present their final product to the class or make a main idea gallery walk.
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