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Ask yes/no questions, ask w-h questions and rewrite the sentences negative.

John eats bananas every morning.
Does John eat bananas every morning? / Yes, he does /no, hedoes not.
When does John eat bananas? / He eats bananas every morning.
John does not eat bananas every morning.

Carlos will fix the machine next weekend.
Margaret and Paul would have gone to theparty.
Luis stayed home all weekend. (Stay=present / stayed=past)
Ann and Steven are at the gym three times a week.
Alice has three children.
They have talked for two hours. (Talked=past participle)Oscar will have finished his career by this time next year.

Answer the following questions using the three forms of possessives.

Whose pen is this? (Helen)
It is her pen. / It ishers. / It is Helen’s pen.

Whose car is that? (Tom and Jenny)
Whose jacket is that? (You)
Whose books are those? (Lucy and I)
Whose toy is that? (The dog)

Read the following text and askquestions about it. Do you recognize any active or passive subjects in the text? Circle the active subjects, underline the passive subjects.

Train and Bus Travel:
Commuting to Work

I leave for workabout 6:30 a.m., and I walk to a bus stop not too far from my house. I catch a bus that comes by around 6:45. The bus isn't very crowded when I get on, but it fills up by the end of the line. Then, Iget off the bus and catch a train going into town. The train ride lasts about 30 minutes, and it's usually standing-room only. People are packed in the train like sardines. There's a train stop abouttwo blocks from my office. The entire trip takes about an hour. I buy a monthly bus pass, and I save a lot of money by using public transportation instead of driving my own car.

Carlos will fix themachine next weekend.
• Will Carlos fix the machine next weekend?
Yes, he will – no, he will not
• When will Carlos fix the machine?
He will fix the machine next weekend....
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