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analisis de mercadeo internacional sobre la tienda Imaginarium

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Felix Tena studied business administration on Spain and continue his studies in the United States this latest studies help him to analyze the American ways of life an market developments. After hisstudies he returned to Spain and established a small business company in educational toys this small company was named Pueblijuego.
His first product at sales was a board of game that was very similar to monopoly game .At first this generate to ways of income, one was about selling board games and the other was about advertising space to different local business wound .
After some time Tena soldthe 50% the half of its company to some Italian partners, but later it direct work and the company was wound in 1990.
In 1991 Toys R Us opened a first store in Spain where traditional toy stores were disappearing. In 1992 Tena decided to open a new entrepreneurial company called Imaginarium this first store was located in Zaragoza’s old town district. In 1993 Tena decided to start thinking inwith a franchise development to its business but maintaining almost all company decisions .In this same year the company opened 4 new stores more this were all owned by the venture .This new stores require and investment of 90000 euros each.
In 1994 the company opened seven new toy stores five were owned for the company and the 2 that rest were owned by to franchise. At the end of 1994 TheBritish venture-capital company bought 35 % of the shares of Step two S.A. .
In 1996 a Colombia entrepreneur requested a master Franchised and another entrepreneurial for Portugal. Tena decided that his first priority would be to expand his business chain of educational toy stores to the southern Europe .
After some years in 1999 opened his first 3 stores at France, then at the year 2000 openedseven more, out of this ten stores in France 9 were of the company and one was owned by franchise. Tena decided that the second priority for his business was on Latin America where at the end of the same year 2000 signed some franchise agreements. These were in Colombia 5, in Venezuela other 5, in Dominican Republic 2, in Mexico only 1, in El Salvador 1 store and in Argentina 2 stores.

UPDATAINGIn February 1, 2010 a January 31, 2011 the company global sales are about 125.873 thousand Euros.
The Retail Sales Volume Group International has Imaginarium increased by 21% in absolute terms in 2010.
The net turnover amounted to Group 91,806 Imaginarium thousand Euros, which means a growth of 5% in absolute terms in 2010
Gross margin was of 56,362 thousand euros, 5% higher than the exercise2009 and represents 61.4% of net turnover.
The result of (EBITDA) of Imaginarium Company is establish in 9.006 thousand
The result of research for new markets in 2010 suppurate the number of 1.913 thousand de Euros T398
Stores at Spain 196 -2009 and 198-2010 International stores 156 -2009 and 167-2010.
In 2006, the company created a travel agency with the same philosophy that plays the chain that is the search for quality in every moment.
The company direct and operates 348 outlets in 28 countries.
Nowadays there are over 348 franchised stores in 28 countries.
Nowadays the global economic situation and the Spanish in specific ,still are in highly uncertainty setting which makes maintaining the significant reduction in markets and continues to conditioning consumption behavior.
Even though Imaginarium, the first...
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