Importance of history

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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2012
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Jan 6,2012
The Importance of History

In society, a numerous number of children do not understand the significance of learning history. They believe that it is unimportant and boring. Ibelieve that it is very interesting and a crucial part of life. Other people also believe this and that is why this course is required to graduate high school in Colorado and the rest of the UnitedStates. If this course was not required several people would not realize what a great number people had to suffer and sacrifice to get us were we are today. They do not know all the compromises, treaties,and disputes our country has faced to make The United States a better place to live in. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is an example of treaty a few people don’t know about.

The Treaty ofGuadalupe Hidalgo was a treaty we made with Mexico that brought an end to the Mexican-American War. Before the war Mexico owned about half of the United States. They allowed a small amount of Americans tocome to their land with a two exceptions. The first one was to recognize their religion, which was Roman Christianity. The second exception was that they had to pay taxes to Mexico. The reason the warstarted was because white settlers wanted to bring their slaves with them but Mexico does not allow slavery. The Texans (which were the people that settled on their land) wanted independence fromMexico. During the war, the American government offered Mexico twenty five million dollars for their land. The Mexican government did not accept so the war continued. On 1848 a peace treaty was made withMexico, it was called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The treaty set up the border of Mexico where it is today and it also gave Mexico fifteen million dollars for the land.

Another reason whyhistory is so important to recognize people that risked their lives for us. An example of this would be Dave the Potter and Harriet Tubman (also known as Moses). Dave the Potter was a slave that made...
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