Importance of software testing

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  • Publicado : 27 de mayo de 2011
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Importance of Software Testing
In the software development life cycle, the importance of software testing cannot be forgotten. Before the software is handed over to the end user, it is importantthat it is checked to ensure it does not have any defects in it.
When the software industry was in its nascent stage, much importance was not laid on testing the software. It was often seen thatthere was a quick check carried out on the software and the software was handed over to the client. Testing the application was looked upon as waste of time and resources. It was simply done so thatthe item in the checklist of software development could be ticked. However, with passage of time importance of software testing is as much as that of developing a software. There are various reasonsfor this shift in attitude. We will not get into the details of the same here. We will rather focus on finding out why is software testing important.

What is the Importance of Software Testing?Error Free Software: If an error free software has to be delivered to the client, software testing has to be carried out in detail. Even a small mistake in the software can have disastrous effects forthe client. If a bank software has a mistake and gives out the wrong balance, it can cause trouble either for the bank or for the customer of the bank. For example, if the account details say 0 balancein the account, the customer will suffer. On the other hand, if an extra 0 gets added to the account balance, the bank will have to pay the customer the said amount. Therefore, it is of primeimportance that there are no bugs in the software.

Variance from the Requirement: If the software is not built in accordance with the needs of the client, then the software becomes redundant, as theclient will have no use for the software. This will cause a lot of trouble for the company as well, because the requirements of the client are not well understood. Making changes to an existing software...
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