Important advancements

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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Important Advancements
As every year passes by us as we are growing up, we notice changes that are good and bad. We never really pay attention to these changes until we have someone ask us todiscuss them or research them. Reflecting on what has been created in my life, I found it hard to focus on one single item that truly has impacted my life. Technology has drastically changed in theseseventeen years. Luckily I do not have to focus on one but two advancements. The one piece of technology that has impacted my life the most is wireless technology followed by the internet. Both of theseimprovements have created a better future with a bridge to a world full of simplicity.
The topic wireless technology is a really broad choice, but it has many branches that are taken for granted.For example, right now I am typing this essay on my laptop using my wireless keyboard and mouse. Most might believe that in a way it portrays me as a lazy person, but I see it in another way. Having mywireless mouse and keyboard gives me the flexibility to do my work with ease and without problems. I am sitting on my couch typing my essay without having to make sure that the cords of both themouse and the keyboard are tangled up. The only way it can get better is if I could just read my paper out loud and the computer would type it for me, we can all dream. These two items have impacted mylife in a good way, and I believe that many people love these devices as much as me. Another device that I am sure that we take for granted is the house phone. Though I do not use the house phone oftenit has made my life better. You may ask yourself how. The answer to the question is that now that phones are wireless they allow the user to be able to multi-task with ease. Since we have hadwireless phones, my mother can talk on the phone with my family in Mexico while making breakfast for my sister and me. Back in the early 90’s and maybe the late 90’s, home phones were wired which made the...
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