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Katherin Elizondo Sequeira
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El verbo be:
-I was -you were
-He was -She was
-It was- we were
-You were - they were
El presente perfecto en frases afirmativas: El presente perfecto en frases afirmativas se formaen todos los verbos, incluso be y have, con el presente simple del verbo have y el participio pasado del verbo que traducimos.
-I have/ I´ve/worked.
-you have/you´ve/worked.
El presenteperfecto en frases negativas: El presente perfecto en forma negativa se construye colocando not entre el verbo have y el participio pasado.
-I havenot/haven´t/ finished.
-you have not/ haven´t/finished.
El presente perfecto en frases interrogativas: En forma interrogativa, el presente perfecto se construyeponiendo el verbo have delante del sujeto.
-have I finished?
-have you finished?.

Katherin Elizondo Sequeira
Clase 6
Reporte de lectura 6
Inaugural Bliss Shared By Most, NotAll

Early morning sun rays played among the trees of La Sabana Park on inauguration day and a light breeze drifted through the infield scattered with arriving visitors and lined with rows of whitechairs.
The U-shaped grounds were ringed with podiums around the exterior and had foldout chairs spread throughout the infield. Oversize versions of the folkloric masks of the Gigante and theGiganta worn at civic fiestas sat atop columns separating the podiums, watching over the ceremony.
Around 9:30 a.m., the infield seats began to fill. The ceremony commenced at 9:45 a.m. with thearrival of visiting dignitaries and presidents. Most Central American presidents were greeted by applause; with the exception of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega who drew a chorus of boos and whistles....
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