Informatica medica

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  • Publicado : 21 de mayo de 2011
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Palabras clave: informática, medicina, “informática en medicina”, “computer services” and medicine, “computer technology” and medicine. Algunos libros encontrados en laBiblioteca de la Unex: - “Aplicaciones de la Ingeniería Electrónica e Informática en Medicina”, un ejemplar disponible en la Biblioteca Central de Cáceres. - “Avances en Informática Biomédica”, un ejemplardisponible en la Biblioteca Central de Badajoz. Búsqueda en ScienceDirect: - “The computer as a diagnostic tool in medicine”. Abstract: Diagnosis is not a discrete or limited process, but one whichis always operative in the physician-patient encounter. It is neither possible nor desirable fully to computerize or automate this process, even in restricted areas. But it is possible and desirable toset up a computer-assisted diagnostic network with which the physician and the patient can both interact. Such a system would educate patients, and allow them to monitor their own care. It is onlypossible when informed consent in diagnosis becomes the accepted rule. - “Editorial: The role of a clinically based computer department of instruction in a school of medicine”. Abstract: The evolutionof activities and educational directions of a department of instruction in medical computer technology in a school of medicine are reviewed. During the 18 years covered, the society at large hasundergone marked change in availability and use of computation in every aspect of medical care. It is argued that a department of instruction should be clinical and develop revenue sources based on patientcare, perform technical services for the institution with a decentralized structure, and perform both health services and scientific research. Distinction should be drawn between utilization ofcomputing in medical specialties, library function, and instruction in computer science. The last is the proper arena for the academic content of instruction and is best labelled as the philosophical...
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