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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2010
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The silence of some people often speak. The voice of silence is given by what is not said, but who knows how to express in other ways, through body language and gestures. Mostoften, this nonverbal communication is that premium when making first contact with someone who gives us the first image, that it is so difficult to erase or blur afterwards.

A study by AlbertMehrabian anthropologist gave a surprising result: only 7% of communication between two people is done by words. 38% is communicated by voice and all its components (volume, intonation ...) and theremaining 55% is done through body language (gestures, postures, eye ...)

Indicators of sex
From the moment a baby is born we show with thousand subtle and nonverbal ways if it's a boy or a girl. Mostpeople hold in their arms to the boys and girls differently. Later at some point in their development, still unresolved, boys begin to move as boys, and girls as girls, that is, make use of genderindicators learnt.
But in 1935 the anthropologist Margaret Mead was first in her book Sex and temperament in three primitive societies many of our assumptions and beliefs about masculinity orfemininity come from the culture.

"The male or female body movements are not programmed by biology but by culture and are learned in childhood"
Profêssor Birdwhistell, father of the kinetics.

Thus, indifferent cultures, men and women behave and use gestures different typical male or female. For example, Americans often do not cross their legs when sitting, and if they do, put one ankle over theother knee. By contrast it is normal for latin men cross their legs with their knees close together, a typical gesture of American women.

Birdwhistell has studied gender indicators in 7 differentcultures, and found that not only people can easily draw gestures as male or female, but on the basis of these gestures are distinguished masculine women and feminine men. But, however, many people...
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