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- An opinion that does not concede with their own is not an indictment of their entire character.
- Pay close attention to their motivation for taking in information. Do theytake in information to better understand a situation or concept? Or, do they take in information to support a personal idea or cause? At the moment when something is perceived, is the INFP concernedwith twisting that perception to fit in with their personal values? Or is she/he concerned with absorbing the information objectively? To achieve a better understanding of the external world, theINFP should try to perceive information objectively, before fitting it into their value system. They should consciously be aware of their tendency to discard anything that doesn't agree with theirvalues, and work towards lessening this tendency. They should try to see situations from other people's perspectives, without making personal judgments about the situations or the other people'sperspectives-If you want to be happy you have to take in information for the sake of understanding the world around you, rather than one who takes in information only to support their own ideas.

0. Takecare to notice what people look like in different social situations. Look at their hair, their skin, their makeup (or lack thereof), their clothes, the condition of their clothes, their shoes, theirfacial expressions. Simply take in the information.
-1. Think of a situation in your life in which you weren't sure how to behave. Now try to understand how one or two other people would see thesituation. Try to understand how they would see the situation. Would it be seen as a problem, or as an opportunity? Would it be taken seriously or lightly? Try to determine their point of view withoutpassing judgment or comparing it to your own.
-1. When having a conversation with a friend or relative, dedicate at least half of your time to talking about the other person. Concentrate on really...
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