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Eudora® Email 7.1 Quick Start Guide for Windows

Quick Start Guide for Windows
This Quick Start Guide shows how to install and configure the Eudora® software. It also provides keystroke shortcuts and basic email procedures such as sending and receiving messages. TIP: The best way to use this Quick Start Guide is to PRINT it and keep it nearby when installing, configuring, and using Eudora.Finding Information
You can find more information about Eudora in the Eudora Email 7.1 User Manual for Windows. The manual is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) on the Eudora web site.

To access the manual
1. Go to the Eudora web site: 2. At the top of the page, choose Support (one of the blue boxes). 3. From the list, choose Eudora Manuals. 4. Under Eudora 7.1for Windows, right-click User Manual. The context menu opens. 5. Choose Save Target As.../Save As. The Save As window opens. 6. Save the manual in the directory of your choice. The manual topics are linked. When you see a topic associated with a page number in the table of contents, index, or cross-reference, click the topic or page number and that topic appears.


Quick Start Guide forWindows

If you prefer, you can print the PDF manual. From the File menu in Acrobat Reader, choose Print. If you need help while using Eudora, go to the Help menu and choose a topic. Context sensitive help is available by pressing F1 or clicking and selecting the option or field you need information on.

System Requirements
To install and use Eudora, you must have the following. • PC runningMicrosoft Windows 98/2000/ME/XP or above. It is recommended that you have the latest service pack for each operating system • A mail account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that uses SMTP and POP3 or IMAP4 protocols • Access to your mail account via a TCP/IP (Internet) network connection or via PPP dial-up networking through a modem

Getting Started
Before you can successfully installEudora, you need to know the following basic information about your email account. Either your ISP or your email administrator can provide you with this information. • Email address This is the email address that has been assigned to you by your ISP or your organization. It is the address other people use to send you email. An example email address is Record your Email address here.

•User name This is the name you use to log into your email account. Your ISP or organization provides it. It is generally, but not necessarily, the name that appears before the at sign (@) in your email address (in the example above, "jim" is the user name).


Quick Start Guide for Windows

Record your user name here.

• Mail account password This password lets you access your emailaccount. Your ISP or organization provides it. Keep this password private. • Incoming mail server name Your incoming email account resides on a computer at your ISP or within your organization. Your incoming mail server name is the full name of that computer (for example, Record your incoming mail server name here.

• POP or IMAP This is the protocol that your incoming mailserver uses. Your incoming mail server uses one of the following two Internet protocols, POP or IMAP, for storing and forwarding your mail. Ask your ISP or your email administrator which one it uses. NOTE: If you are setting up an IMAP account, it may require an IMAP Mailbox Location Prefix. Obtain this from your ISP or your email administrator. Otherwise, leave the following box blank. Ifapplicable, record your IMAP Mailbox Location Prefix here.

• Outgoing Mail Server Name This server, an SMTP server, receives and processes all of your outgoing mail. It also resides on a computer at your ISP or within your organization. The server name is often the same as your incoming mail server name. Your SMTP server name is the full name of that computer (for example, Record your...
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