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Making Conversations |
12/12/2011 |

This document shows us twelve basics conversations that We’ve learned in this semester. |

UNIT 1 Taking pone calls
Reception: Good Morning! Coconut’s Hotel, It´s Jhon,What can I do for you?
Customer: I’m looking for a reservation please!
Reception: Of Course! What Kind of room would You like?
Customer: I´d like a singleroom, I wanna book a single room please
Reception: Ho Yes! May I have your name?
Customer: Yes, My name is Roger
Reception: Ok wait a minut… ready sir your reservation is done!
UNIT 2 Where people work
Adam: Hi, I´m Adam. I dedicate to serve drinks in a bar. Here there are more tan 10 tables to give our service at the customers, also there is a staff where people can go and order the kindsof drinks that they want. We count whit a very nice service.
Interviewer: And… What about the music?, Is there a DJ?
Adam: Yes, Ofcourse, There is a very good Dj
UNIT 3 Taking a reservation
Reservations: Hello, Palma’s Hotel, Carlos speaking, What Can I do for you?
Caller: I wanna book a double room for the next mount
Reservations: Let me see… Yes we’re not fully booked, May I have your nameplease?
Caller: My name is Daniel Ascona Garcia
Reservations: What day do you want your reservation for the next mount?
Caller: I want it for the 4th day of the mount and We’d like to be for 5 days. I´m sorry I forgot to ask you for the Price
Reservation: Don’t worry Sir, it´s 190 euros per nigth, Is it Ok?
Caller: Yhea We’ll arrive there at 12:00 o clok, Is there a restauran?
Reservation:Yes Sir! Would you like me to book a table?
Caller: Yes Please! I think we’ll be hungry when we arrive, so see you next mount!
UNIT 4 I´d like to book a table
Customer: Hi, I´d Like to book a table. What days do you open?
Manager: We open all the week
Customer: And what time do you close?
Manager: From Monday to Saturday we close at 10:30 p.m. and Sundays we close more early, at 9:00 p.m.How do you see?
Customer: It´s ok then I wanna book a table for 3 people this Monday at 6:00 p.m.
Manager: Rigth! But if you book before 6:00 p.m. you´re gona resive a discount,would you like it?
Customer: I´m sorry but we´ve not time, it´ll be in others chanse
Manager: Ok, We’ll be waiting for you this mondey
Customer: Ok, thank you and see you next week
UNIT 5 Making Apologies
Customer: Iwant to book a room for tonight
Reception: I´m sorry we´re fully booked

Customer: Please bring the toilet room service to the room 156
Reception: Unfortunately, the employers were fired

Customer: Can I book a taxi at 2:00 p.m.?
Reception: I’m sorry, I’m afraid there aren´t any taxi in service

Customer: I wanna speak with the manager
Reception: Wait a Minut … I´m sorry there’s noanswer from him

UNIT 6 Checking into a hotel
Reception: Goood Morning Sir, Can I help you?
Dave: Yes I´d like to boook a doublé room for my family and me
Reception: Yes sir i´m checking if we´re fully booked or not, let me check… I see we have two kinds of double rooms abalible but one of them is under repair, what do you think?
Dave: Don´t worry I take the only one abalible, I hope it’s good!Reception: Sure! Don’t worry about that! Please fill in this registration card
Dave: Sure! ... Done!
Reception: Ok all in order! Here’s your key card, your room number’s 342, it’s on the secon floor, would you like the porter help you whit your luggage?
Dave: No! We just have a few things and they aren’t heavy, but tank you, we´re going to continue on this way
UNIT 7 What can I get youMarcos: I´m thirsty, what do you think guys?
Wallace: I think so
Brandon: I think the same
Marcos: This way here´s a table
Waiter: Good nigth guys! What can I get You?
Marcos: I´m dry so a mineral water for me
Waiter: Is it sparkling?
Marcos: Yes please with some ice
Brandon: A large beer for me please
Waiter: Would you like draught or bottled?
Brandon: You´re rigth let me think… I´ll have...
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