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Intro Vocabulary Text
These lessons are sold only on our website, If you bought these lessons somewhere else, you have an illegal copy. Please notify us and we will takeimmediate legal action against the seller. Thank you. Hello, welcome to the vocabulary for the “Introduction to Power” lessons. Let’s start. Okay, let’s talk about our first word is linguistic,linguistic. Linguistic means related to language or about language. It’s an adjective. So linguistic factors, I mentioned linguistic factors. A factor is an element, for example, it’s a piece of something.So linguistic factors means elements about language, elements related to language. Or even more simply, things, things related to language. And then in this talk I talk about non‑linguistic factors. Ofcourse, non‑ means not, it’s negative. So non‑linguistic factors means things not about language. Things not related to language. So in the talk I’m talking about, for example, two different things.One are emotional factors, emotional elements, emotional things. And then the other is linguistic factors. So, for example, study method, that’s a linguistic factor. It’s connected to languagelearning very directly. It’s a linguistic factor. It’s a language related thing. On the other hand emotion is not directly related, is not directly connected to language learning. At least most people don’tthink so, so it’s a non‑linguistic factor. Alright great, so that’s linguistic and factor. Let’s talk about next subconscious. I mentioned the word subconscious. Sometimes you hear the wordunconscious is another synonym for that but subconscious means something that is under your normal thinking. So, for example, if you’re quite hungry, suddenly you find that you’re hungry but you’re busy, you’rethinking about something else. You’re reading a book. But kind of under your thinking you have this idea “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” It’s not a conscious thought, it’s not a strong direct...
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