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Veracruz Tours From $ 352 Tour the city and San Juan de Ulua

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El Puerto de Veracruz has endless beauty that you can not miss, through this wonderful journey thathas managed to mix to perfection the history and culture in a natural atmosphere will enchant you. Starting at one of the oldest forts in the Americas, San Juan de Ulua, this is a castle that served as storage, in prison, presidential retreat and museum today.

Optionally you to the Naval Historical Museum, a really interesting site where you will see the development of shipping in Mexico and theworld from the Paleolithic era to the modern. This museum as much with a lot of documents, models, scale models, photographs and even naval relics, most important, do not miss it.

Visit the Aquarium of Veracruz, beautiful and extremely busy occupying the eighth place of the most popular aquariums in the world and first in Latin America as the largest ocean tank with more than 3 000 species ofboth freshwater and saltwater.

Then you will know the major sights of the historic center, including the Maritime Customs, the Post Office, Railway Station and the Paseo del Malecon where you will see a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops for all tastes and the old Baluarte de Santiago, a military building whose origins date from the eighteenth century.

The tour will conclude in the areaof ​​Boca del Rio, one of the most modern with a pleasant village atmosphere at a time, then be sure to visit the Zocalo of Boca del Rio, the church of Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana and City Hall All these with great beauty and history you will love. Veracruz visit and discover the magic that exists in each of its corners.

Tlacotalpan and Alvarado

Prices from
$ 848 pesos
Revel in thefolklore of Veracruz peoples so famous for mischief is in each one of them run through the Puerto de Alvarado, a beautiful and important fishing port which once was the base for many pirates and place of arrival of black slaves Here, people get to your guests in a hospital making you feel as if it were their home.

In this magical place surrounded by great restaurants, seafood cocktail and sodafountains, you will not have a moment of boredom, much less once you get to Tlacotalpan or also known as Pearl of the Papaloapan, a picturesque city by its great appeal has been considered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, enjoy their music, cuisine, and beautiful crafts, plus witness the beauty of Salvador Ferrando Jarocho Museum with its beautiful paintings. Do not miss home that was the birthplaceof Agustín Lara and of course, do not miss the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria, patron saint of the town with its imposing wall of great beauty.

Fall in love with the Veracruz culture, its people, its traditions and history.

Cempoala, Antigua and San Juan de Ulua
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$ 693 pesos

Cempoala is one of the most storied archaeological sites in Veracruz, thanks to this tour you canknow in broad strokes. Starting with a site that is located 45 km from Puerto de Veracruz: Twenty Waters, which is named after the rivers that surround it, then be driven to Cempoala, either: the second capital of the Empire Totonaca before being dominated by Aztecs, there can still be seen several buildings dating from those times, such as the Temple, the Temple of the Chimneys, the Circle of theGladiators, the Temple of the Caritas and the Temple of God and the cross wind.

Prepare now to meet La Antigua, a small town where there are important historical emblems of Veracruz, including: the first Catholic Church Ermita del Rosario, La Casa de Hernán Cortés and the first municipality in New Spain, the Casa del Cabildo.

To end this tour will be taken to the Fortress of San Juan de...
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