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Student Name:_______________________________ date:_______

1. Fill the blanks with the correct verb form.
1. Jerry_______ (come/comes) to school on time.
2. Jerry and Linda_________ (come/comes)to school on time.
3. Ms. Smith _________ (teach/teaches) English.
4. The cat_________ (sleep/sleeps) on the sofa every day.
5. Milk__________ (cost/costs) two dollars a quart.
2. Change theverbs in the following sentences from the simple past tense to the
Simple present tense.
1. I listened to the radio. (Listen)______________________
2. She played the piano.(Play)_______________________
3. Juan brushed his teeth. (Brush) __________________________
4. She spoke to her boy friend on the phone.(speak)____________________
5. The boys ran to the candy store.(Run)_____________________________
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of words given:

1. I ____________ (read) a very interesting book now.
2. Joanne ____________ (work) eighthours a day.
3. Tonight we ____________ (see) a play at the thereatre.
5. I ____________ (not know) Mario very well.
6. My sister ____________(like) coffee for breakfast.
7. My whole family _______________(go) to the park once a week.
9. Listen! The phone ________________(ring) in the other room.Name:__¬¬¬¬¬¬_________________________________________________

Write the comparative form of these adjectives:
Tense Identification
Read the following short story andidentify the tenses used. Each tense is used at least once.
John has always travelled Tense?___________a lot. In fact, when he was Tense? ____ ________only two years old when he first flewTense___________to the US. His mother is Tense? ___________Italian and his father is Tense___________American. John was born Tense? ___________in France, but his parents had met Tense? ___________in...
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