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Paragraph 2: For example, in the civil courts of law in many countries , judges wear long robes, usually black, that cover their ordinary clothing- The robes identify the judges role in theadminister justie. The gavel that judges and certain court officials also wear white wigs that simbolize their roles
Por ejemplo, en los tribunales civiles de justicia en muchos países, los jueces desgastelargas túnicas, generalmente negros, que cubren sus túnicas de las ropas ordinarias identifican el papel de los jueces en el justie de administrar. El Mallete que jueces y algunos funcionarios de laCorte también llevan blanco wigs simboliza sus funciones
Paragraph 3: Similarly , the ceremonial clothing of European kings and queens is symbolic of their royal authority . Nowadays they wear the long,fur-trimmed capes only on special occasions , with jeweled crows on their heads and jeweled staffs, called scepters , held in their hands
Asimismo, la vestimenta ceremonial de europeos wyes y reinases un símbolo de su autoridad real. Hoy en día llevan los cabos de largos, pelo recortado sólo en ocasiones especiales, con cuervos enjoyados sobre sus cabezas y bastones enjoyados, llamados cetros,entre sus manos
Paragraph 4: Thhe academic cap and gown is another example of symbolic clothing. Hundreds of years ago, students at European universities were required to weat long, black ceremonies along with a close- fitting black cap topped by a flat black square. A tassel, wich is a bunddle of long silk strings tied together, hangs from a button in the center of the squeare. Byconvention students begin the graduation ceremony with the tassel hanging from the rigth side of the square. Once a university administrator declares that the students have oficially graduated, theymove their tassels to the left side of the square to indicate their new change of stats. Graduating students also wear short drapes of cloth over their gowns , whereby their field of academic...
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