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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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Once upon a time there was a girl called Jennifer she had a lot of friends. Every morning the first thing she would do is pray to God that shewoke up another day. Then she would had to get dressed and fix her hair so she would look good to go see her best friend but then she remember thatshe didn’t do her math homework so she thought ¨once I get to school I´m going to ask my cousin to lend me his homework¨. So she did and she hadenough time to copy it because her teacher was going to get mad if she didn’t have brought her homework. Jennifer didn’t know what class she hadnext so she asked her cousin. But unfortunately she didn’t know either so they got lost in school. Next the best thing was for them to go to theoffice to ask for directions so they did and the principal got mad because they weren’t in class. Later that they Jennifer and her cousin Fernanda gotthe news that Jennifer was an aunt she was so happy that she started to jump. So they left home running crying of happiness. She got to the hospitaland found out her sister in law had twins and she was really happy for the rest of her life. Her nephews names were Adolfo and Alfonso Jenniferwanted nieces but she was happy either way. No one could ever take away her happiness that she had every morning she would go to her sister in law´shouse before she went to school. Sometimes her brother would had to kick her out because she was there almost everyday after and before school.
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