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M Y A Balloons
A toy balloon is an inflatable object which is often made of plastic or natural, biodegradable rubber. |
Rubber balloons
Natural rubber, also known as latex, is a highly flexibleand elastic substance which is extracted from certain plants. Latex balloons contain small amounts of nitrosamines, but the amount which they release is non-hazardous. Nitrosamine is used as a solventwhen processing latex. There are methods of reducing the amount of Nitrosamine in the finished product, but these methods are expensive. Most professionally used latex balloon brands, produce a 100%biodegradable balloon that takes less time than an oak left to degrade.
Foil balloons
Inflatable foil balloons are made from plastics, such as aluminized PET film. Foil balloons are not elastic likerubber balloons, so that detailed and colorful pictures printed on their surfaces are not distorted when the balloon is inflated. Foil balloons are thus named because they sometimes have a metalliccoating to make them shiny, however there have been concerns about metallic balloons causing short circuits when caught in overhead power lines. Because metallic balloons can cause power outages, it isrecommended that the metallic balloons not only be tied by a string or ribbon with no metal in it, but also securely tied down by a weight to prevent the balloon from floating away. When finishedusing the balloons, cut the balloon to release the helium and dispose in a trash can.
Every toy balloon has an opening through which gases are blown into it. Balloons are usually filled byusing one's breath, a pump, or a pressurized gas tank. The opening can then be tied off or clamped. Foil balloons are typically self-sealing. By filling a balloon with a gas lighter than air, such ashelium, the balloon can be made to float. Helium is the preferred gas for floating balloons, because it is inert and will not catch fire (like hydrogen) or cause toxic effects when inhaled. Small, light...
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