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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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1.- My car's broken down so I came by taxi. 2.-diana broke up again 3.- They didn't BRING the subject UP at the meeting.
4.- an emergency likethis CALLS FOR some pretty drastic action
5.- the concert had to be CALLED OFF because the singer went down with a bad case of flu.
6.- CARRY ON quietly with your work until the substitute teacherarrives
7.- go for more and more, love and new friends and dreams to carry out
8.-they come after to god
9.-if you come back in my life
10.-the sugar came down
11.-Manuel came in at 12 o´clocks12.- the band´s new cd is coming out in september
13.-he is coming round to see us tonight
14.-the old bus was falling apart.
15.-he fell for her the moment their eyes met.
16.-The membership FELLOFF dramatically when the chairperson resigned
17.- manuel fell out with juan
18.-I just couldn´t get my message across at the meeting
19.-I just wanna get along with you
20.-the robbers got awayin a stolen car
21.-we got off the bus and walked to my house
22.- I tried calling her mobile phone, but I couldn't GET THROUGH
23.-this drug should make the pain go away
24.-the price ofscanners has gone down recently
25.-when the light go out, the night dies
26.- I am going out
27.-I will go round your place later
28.-danger. Keep away
29.- keep the revolutionaries down
30.-keepyours hands off my girl.
31.-keeping your head up to the sky.
32.-look after you
33.-I am looking forwoard to meet you
34.-we will look into the problem and come back to you when we have theinformation.
35.-look out !! you´re going to drop that
36.-you make out this car
37.-they made up an excuse for being late
38.-He is put on a lot of weight
39.-the concert´s been put off until next month40.-He put out his cigarette before entering the building
41.-the police run after the guy who´d stolen it.
42.-he ran away from his attackers
43.-I ran into james in a bar on Friday
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