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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2010
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1- who usually detect children´s disorders?
-Psychiatric or therapist usually detect children disorders.
Family problems, difficults in theparent-child relationship are often an important factor in the symptomatic behaviour of the child.

2-What is the best way of practicing child psychiatry?
The best way of practice child psychiatry isthe observation of behaviour, as the child may not be able to express his feelings in words.

3-who are most affected by psychiatry disorders?
In on survey, psychiatric disorders was foundto be present in 7 porcent of all 10 and 11 years old boys were affected to twice the extent of girls.

4- what symptoms do children affected by attention disorders show overactivity have?Children affected by attention disorders show overactivity the hyperkinetic, or hyperactive, syndrome and by sustained and prolonged motor overactivity such as running around.
4.1-what are thecauses of attention disorders in children?
The causes of attention disorders in children including anxiety, conduct disorder, or the affects of living in institutions.
4.2-Can you mention anyother disorder?
yes, any other disorders are learning difficulties and antisocia behaviour.

5-Who are most affected by attention disorders?
This syndrome is 10 times more common is boys thanin girls.

6-What reason may cause conducts disorders in children?
The most important causative factors are the family7 background,broken homes,and poor family.

6.1-what can you tellme about canduct disorders?
Yes, I can the conduc disorders present in children and adolescent.The children have 10 and 11 years old. Abnormal conduct more serious than disobedience and aggressionmay be shown at home , delinquency, etc.


1- how can you describe children´s behaviour under anxiety disorders?
Emocional disorders in childrren are similar...
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