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Universidad del Este

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Workshop two

Engl 116

November 17, 2010

Prof. Cynthia Garcia

Prepared by

Lizandra Rodríguez López


Sentence for theft

• Eight to twelve years in prison

• Penalty refund

• Psychological rehabilitation for one year

• Community service hours for one yearSentence for assault

• Psychological Rehabilitation

• Community Hours

• Two to five years in prison

Sentence for violation

• Psychological Rehabilitation

•Community Hours

• Twenty-five years in prison

• Forced Work

Sentence for fraud

• Ten years in prison

• Community hours

• Psychological Rehabilitation

• Penaltyrefund

Sentence for Murder

• First Grade jail for life

• Second Grade twenty-five years in prison

• Community Hours

• Psychological Rehabilitation

Any person, who ismore than five years in prison, should force them to study and learn a trade to be rehabilitated and become men and women of good and productive.

1. Find the meaning for the following workshop two|Word |English |Spanish |
|Crime|Unlawful activity |Crimen |
|Deviance |Differing from a norm or from the accepted|Desviación |
| |standards of a society. | |
|Fraud|One that defrauds; a cheat. One who assumes a |Fraude |
| |false pose;...
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