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Basilica: It is a sumptuous public building that in Greece and Rome was in the habit of being destined to the court, and that in the Roman cities was occupying a preferential place inthe forum. It has plant of Greek cross, five domes and decoration in marble and mosaics.

Basilica of San Marcos Plant of the Basilica of San Marcos

Cathedral: Principal church that containsthe seat of the bishop.

Cathedral of Cuenca
Porch: In the Christian churches treats itself about a court with porticoes placed to the feet of the church and that was serving to accede to thisone.

Cathedral of Cuenca Cathedral of Cuenca

Central ship: Principal space of a church, which spreads from the nártex up to the choir, can be accompanied by lateral ships.Cathedral of Cuenca San Alfonso’s Church
Mullion: Space that supports the eardrum in the center of a door

Old Cathedral of Cuenca

Rosette: Circular window, generally of glass of color,decorated with symmetrical outlines with regard to the center.

Cathedral of Cuenca

Crucifix: Symbol that evokes the cross in which Christ was crucified.

Santo Domingo’s Church

SantoDomingo’s Church
Altar: Table or stone on which there spread the corporal ones of the Eucharist, sacrament that celebrates Christ's last dinner.

San Alfonso’s Church
Major altar: Principalaltar of a church.

Cathedral of Cuenca Church of the Merced

Vitral: Window with transoms of iron or of stone and metallic frame with glasses of colors.

Vitrales in the Cathedral ofCuenca 

Arcade: Series of arches supported on pilasters or columns.

Cathedral of Medellin

Pinnacle: High structure, in the shape of staggered pyramid finished in top that uses as auctionto a tower.

Basílica: Es un suntuoso edificio público que en Grecia y Roma solía destinarse al tribunal, y que en las ciudades romanas ocupaba un lugar preferente en el foro. Tiene planta...
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