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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Special family occasion’s apple pie is a good reason to share. To achieve the Apple Pie must take into account the following ingredients: In preparing the dough need 400 grams of prepared orself-rising flour, 100 grams of granulated white sugar, 2 fresh eggs and 150 grams of margarine. For the filling or applesauce are: 1 kg. Green apples or water (the cheapest), ¾ kg. blonde or brown sugar,50 grams of raisins, 1 tablespoon margarine or butter, cinnamon and clove and cinnamon powder.

To prepare the dough does the following: Compose the flour, add the margarine and mix with a forkuntil it forms a sandblasted, add sugar and eggs, knead until dough forms uniformly placed in a bag plastic and let stand for ½ hour. As for the sauce: Wash apples, peel, cut into pieces Remove thecenter, place them in a bowl or pot and put water that covers, add sugar, cinnamon and clove, and bring them to fire, over medium heat, stirring to go with a wooden spoon until it forms a puree avoidburning.

To serve the Apple Pie is necessary to divide the dough into two parts, one to form the base and the other cover, previously to be greased and flour pan. Then cover pan with a portion of thedough and applesauce (cold), attach raisins, previously washed, bits of butter or margarine and sprinkle the cinnamon powder. Then proceed to cover the remaining dough and with the help of the backof a fork to proceed to join the two masses, to avoid damage. Then, spread with egg yolk on top of the dough to take a golden color. Finally bake at medium heat, approximately 180 ° C for 20 minutes.Remove from oven and allow standing for apple pie in pan until cool completely and then proceeding to the mold.

Finally, in the preparation of the Apple Pie is necessary to consider the followingnotes: Prepare the filling thus it is more pleasant, as the green apple acid gives a very special point. We also have all the ingredients at room temperature. Also use a spring form pan that is, to...
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