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Homework one
*Complete the conversation with the Words in the box.
You – I’m – nice- name – meet – what`s- hello
A: hello, I`m ann. Spencer 2: what`s your name?
B: I’m Matthew Gibbs
A: nice tomeet you, Matthew
B: nice to me you too
*Personal information
A match the questions and answers
1what`s your name? I`m David. David Santos
2how do you spell your last name? S-A-N-T-O-S
3 what`s your e-mail address? DSANTOS@BTG.COM
What`s yourphone number? My phone number is (315)767-4082
*answer the questions with your personal information.
I`m Andrea
*Possessive adjectives: My, your, his, her
Question| Answer |
What`sWhat is | MyYourHisHer | Name?Name?Name?Name? | YourMyHisHer | Name isName isName isName is | SoniaDavidLeonardlaura |

Choose the correct word
How`s /what`s your name?Your name is Laura
What`s my/your name? Carmen
What`s his/her name? Emily
What’s his name? Robert
Her name is Ann.

Homework two

SerenaWilliams’s quick facts
Hometown: palm Beach gardens Florida
Favorite author: Maya Angelou
Favorite tennis player: Pete Sampras
Age: 29
Hobby: it`s surfing

Her name is Serena Williams and she is afamous player in women`s professional tennis, her birthday is September 26 (1981), she is from Saginaw, Michigan, but her current home is in palm beach gardens, Florida
Her favorite tennis player isPete Sampras an her favorite author is Maya Angelou . her hobby isn`t tennis it`s surfing.

Correct and incorrect information
Serena Williams is from Florida: she isn`t, she is fromSaginaw Michigan.
She`s 23
She is 29
Her favorite tennis player is andre Agassi
Her favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras
Her favorite author is Isabel Allende
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