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Order Letter

Carmen Santiago, Administrative Assistant to the partner in charge for planning theannual staff/alumni reception for Brooks and Lincoln, a regional Accounting firm. Arrangements already have been made to hold this annual event at the Palm Garden Inn,one of the city’s preferred hotels, on Sunday, June27, from 7:00 a.m. too 9:oo p.m. During Carmen’s initial tour of the facility, the restaurant manager gave hercomplete menu including prices and asked that she place her order by May 30. He also reminded her to add to the order seven percent sales tax and 17 percent device charge onall food and beverages.

After reviewing the menu and consulting with several others at the office, Carmen decides to place her order for the following items: oneassorted international cheese tray with fruits and crackers at $110; one display of fresh garden vegetables served with assorted dips at $60; one iced jumbo gulf shrimptray with cocktail sauce at $130; one baked Virginia ham tray with rolls and condiments (approximately 80 portions) at $140; one assorted gourmet cookie and candytray $50; six pounds of fancy mixed nuts at $10 a pound; eight gallons of fruit punch at $18 per gallon; one gallon of regular coffee at $22.50; and one gallon ofdecaffeinated coffee at $22.50

Prepare table ordering the food. Make sure your prices are added correctly. Write the order letter that Carmen Santiago sends to:Palm Garden Inn
1025 Main Street
Winter Haven, Fl. 32589

Carmen’s address
Brooks and Lincoln Accounting Firm
987 Central Avenue
Winter Haven Fl. 32598
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