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In A & P, is a short story written by John Updike. The story is about this guy Sammy, that works in an ordinary supermarket and the author describes in detail the unreasoning passion that this boy develops with the arrival of three ordinary girls. Knowing the author he describes the setting and characters with great detail, even naming the characters describing their personality. In thestory the author describes a setting in which everything seems ordinary and seems like gray because the author tells us how the floor tiles are like checkerboard green and cream rubber, that tells us that it was a long time ago, like retro style, but, the main point of the story is how an absurd passion Sammy develops by these three girls and leads him to quit his job without knowing what problemscan bring him in the future.
In the story Updike draws the character of Sammy as an ordinary boy that works in the supermarket that does nothing but work and also during his labor hours he looks at people that come by the store, but in this case, this day three girls came in the supermarket with bathing suits and this caught Sammy’s attention because I think that this was the first time that he sawsuch thing entering the market, and all the story he watches the girls go through the market looking for one thing. By experience y can tell that he is a little desperate, or maybe he wants to impress the girls to see if he can get a date with one of them. Moreover towards the end of the story when we read what actions Sammy takes, I think that what he did is a little overboard, because quittinga job for trying to impress a bunch of girls I think is a little absurd and stupid of his part. If he thinks that he was doing a heroism act I think that he didn’t know what he was thinking at that moment because no one quits a job like that. In comparison with the doctor of “Godfather Death” I think that both characters did wrong when it came the time of action, I think that both did not thinkthrough what was right and wrong to do and finally when you make bad decisions with time everyone pays the consequences.
The exposition of a story is the opening portion that sets the scene, in this case I think the moment the three girls enter the market is the moment the exposition is abroad, is the moment that starts the purpose of the story. As said earlier the author names the characters bytheir personalities, so as the leader of the three girls he names Queenie, she is portrayed as a woman of importance, power and attractions. We can tell that she is like the leader of the three girls because the other two do as she says and do everything she does like how to walk, stand or talk. So the girl that Sammy likes is the leader, Queenie, making her the most difficult of all the three. Asthe story develops Sammy, gets very involved with that girl, and every time he looks at her, he like her more and more. Seeing his actions we can tell that he loves that girl and therefore we know that he has changed the feeling toward them. The entire story is about the entering the market and how a man can fall madly in love with only watching the woman and her actions during that time.
In thestory the time that we read and the conflict becomes apparent is when Sammy sees Lengel come with a serious face and with such gesture towards the girls and tells them, “this isn’t the beach”. After he comes all comes down because the store manager Lengel wants the girls out of the store because of policy terms and because of that Sammy can’t do anything else to impress the girls or do anythingto connect with the girl. At this point is when we see the climax coming, when Sammy sees that Lengel kicked out the girls of the market and his reaction was to say “I quit”.
The great question is why exactly did Sammy quit his job? What the story tells is that he was trying to get the girls attention by doing what he did, but sincerely I think that what he did it does not attract women because...
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