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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Danny Santiago
January 20,2011

The fact that I was sitting here writing a paper in a language that I learned how to speak (with a
strong accent)read and write on my own. Perplexed me! Acomplex yet beautiful language that always
reminds me of my earlier days when one could hear the thunderous sounds of the entire elementary
school singing the alphabet(myself included)A ,B C, D, E,F, Geeee, and the song “today is(whatever
the day it was at that time)”.These were the highlights of that strange language. A language I would
hear on my many travels to this alien country mymomma called the United States. one who would
open many opportunities for me.
Later on, when I was 15 my mother decided that we should now start a new life in the place we
would visit(alot)growing up. “There is more opportunity there” she would say. Excitement shot
through my nervous system like nitro through the fuel injector”, Now I can practice and learn even
more of thislanguage.”I Thought”. l My “opportunity’ came in the form of work. I got a job at “la
marketa” or “the Market”(A place where people sell their goods, services and labor in exchange for
money) A placethat was filled with immigrants from all over the world. Where one could hear so many
different languages being spoken at the same time. it was amazing!.I would listen and tried to absorb
what Icould from the language. Then I would “mimmick’ the sounds every chance I got. Any sound
that came out from the radio that made me move, I will later on try to sing them in the shower.(I saidtry).I will sit every night to watch shows like “gilligans island “and “the honeymooners “even though I
didn’t understand what they were saying. oh gee, i think they were moments were I thought mymomma was regretting me learning this language because I would go around saying” mommy, one of
this days, one of this days I’m going to… vroom, poom straight to the moon”, gestures included....
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