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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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U.S. Food.
The American cuisine is a mixture and somewhat varied interpretations of other national cuisines, this is becauseit is a country created primarily of immigrants from different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries. Native might be called the Food of the Native American Indians and the rest is afusion of different culinary cultures taken to different extremes, first fast food is full of attractive marketing, on the other hand is the traditional food based on the old farming traditions bothcattle and sheep and goats.

The apple pie is one of the most representative icons of the Cuisine of the United States.

Problems in defining.
In fact, the definition of "American cuisine" isdifficult. May come from the native culinary experiences, which existed before the colonization of land. True, the United States use ingredients such as turkey (traditionally in the Thanksgiving Day,but at other times too), corn, beans, sunflower, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers and various forms were typical in culinary diet of native peoples and ingredients are now held in very American regionalculinary specialties. They also use cooking techniques and culinary ingredients of immigrants into the country.

On these ingredients from the Native Americans were added over time other culinarytraditions and ingredients from immigrant groups that arrived en masse from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. All carried their customs and ingredients that eventually were mixed, for this reason that manytraditional American dishes have an original root in the cuisines of other countries. Some of these are the apple pies, pizza, Runza, chowder and hamburgers. all with a common origin in dishes of Europeancuisine. Another example is the tex-mex cuisine that blends with the Mexican and Spanish cuisine resulting in chili con carne and variants such as tacos in hard tortilla or toast.

The popular...
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