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1. put the words in the correct orde to form a conversation

➢ Name / your / what/ ´s/? engineer /´m/i/an

What´s your name?i´m an engineer

➢ ´s/tom/it that/ ´s/ who /?

It´s tom who that´s?➢ Do/what/you/do/? Edna/´s/that

What do you do? that´s Edna

➢ Doctor/ she/ a/´s

She´s a doctor

2.Aswer the question with yes / no like this : yes,se is. No ,i´m not

➢ Is maria sharopova a soccer player? No,she isn´t

➢ Are you a student of english?Yes, i am

➢ Is Steven spielberg a movie director? Yes, he is

➢ Is mariah carey an actor? no, sheisn´t

➢ Are you a model? no, i´m not

➢ Is shakira a Singer? yes, she is

3.Complete the conversation whit the phrases in the box

Et939: what´s your name human

Human : jack – jack bean

Et939: what do you do, jack ?

Human : i´m a teacherEt939: a teacher – excellent¡ what´s that?

Human : they ´re a pizza

Et939: pizza ? how do you spell that ?

Human : p-i-z-z-a

Et939: wow whar are those?Human : it´s a tickets

Et939: tickets. Ok thank you, jack

4. Complete the conversation with the words and phrases in the box

Shelly : look garry

Garry :what´s this?

Shelly : it´s a musical clook

Garry : a musical clook what time is it?

Clock: it´s eleven ó clock

Garry : wow what day is it?

Clock: it´s...
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