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|Course title: |Teacher’s name: |
|INGLES ||||Valeria Rotanda Ayala |
|Module:2. Used to, countable and uncountable nouns, |Activity: 5. Food Choices|
|quantifiers, future tenses and giving advice | |
|Date: 3-octubre-2011|Team: |
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| |Objective:
will learn expressions to talk about quantities

• Circle the correct answer:
• Complete the conversations with too, too much, too many, or enough:

Results:I. Circle the correct answer:
1. I’m trying to eat less / fewer meat.
2. At our house, we eat very little / few eggs.
3. There aren't many / much vegetables in the fridge.4. It's good to drink a kilo / cup of green tea every day.
5. Would you like another quart / slice of pie?
6. There's a carton / pound of orange juice in the refrigerator.7. If you go to the store, please pick up a loaf / package of bread.
8. A few / A little fat is part of a healthy diet.
9. There isn't much / many chocolate in the...
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