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Interviewer: Hello I'm Sergio Espinar ladies and gentlemen and we are here with LMFAO talking about one of their most famous songs Party Rock Anthem and their fashion statement.
SkyBlu: Hey SkyBluhere.
Redfoo: S´up I´m Redfoo.
Interviewer: Tell us a little about yourselves. How did you come up with the idea of forming a band?
Redfoo : Well since we are related and most of our familyis kinda into the music business, it was just a matter of time we did too.
Interviewer: Wow. And how exactly did you end up being famous?
SkyBlu: It all started with the song "I'm In Miami Bitch"in 2008 then from there it all just came along.
Interviewer: Can you tell us the name of your next album and why did you pick that name?
Redfo still working on it but it might be related to Ibizajust to please our Spaniard fans.
Interviewer: Haheat! What can you tell us about the inspiration for your videos?
Redfoo: We basically wanted to make an impact in music.
Interviewer: Yes,fashion. I think we've all noticed that your fashion is getting very trendy. Do you have a designer or do you make them yourselves?
SkyBlu: Everybody wto create a line that reflected ourselves, sowe just thought "Go crazy and Party Rock".
Interviewer: Youy everyone has their own style. What do you think about fashion magazines and the people who become fashion victims hobby but of course thereis a limit. Everything has a limit.
Interviewer: How about you SkyBlu? What do you think about fashion victims?
SkyBlu: I think that these kids need to get a little more creative and get apersonality of the own. There are many stereotypes out there but we can make a difference.
Interviewer: A thought just came to my mind! I guess you have see Marlin Manson´s style.
Redfoo: Of course, it´shideous.
Interviewer: True, but have you seen his make-up? All that white base that he wears and the eyeshadows!
Redfoo: Never will I ever wear make-up that looks so excessive. We should be more...
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