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Unit 7

A – Bill is calling Meg. Listen to the conversation. Circle the correct answers.
1. Meg is in San Francisco on vacation / on business.
2. She’s visiting friends / her brother.
3. Shegoes to yoga class every night / afternoon.
4. The weather is cloudy / sunny.

B – Complete the phone message. Use the present continuous and contractions.

C – Write questions with the presentcontinuous.
1. (you / get / enough / sleep / these days)
Are you getting enough sleep these days?
2. (how / much / your brother / study / this semester)
How much is your brotherstudying this semester?
3. (what / your parents / do / these days)
What are your parents doing these days?
4. (you / spend / a lot of time / with your friends / this month)
Are you spendinga lot of time with your friends this month?
5. (your best friend / play / any sports / this year)
Is your best friend playing any sports this year?

D – Circle the correct words.
1. Anitais playing / doing / going basketball this season.
2. We usually play / do / go bowling on Saturday night.
3. I play / do / go aerobics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
4. My brothers areplaying / doing / going karate this fall.
5. My sister plays / does / goes running in the park twice a week.
6. I’m not playing / doing / going soccer this year.
E – Complete the conversation withthe questions in the box. Use each questions only once.

Olivia Hey, Ben, this is my friend Marissa.
Ben Hi, Marissa. Nice to meet you. Are you here on vacation?
Marissa No,I’m here for school.
Ben Really? What are you studying?
Marissa I’m studying law.
Ben That’s cool. How’s it going?
Marissa The classes are hard, but I’m enjoyingschool.
Ben That’s great! Do you like Hawaii?
Marissa Oh, it’s wonderful! The weather is great, and I really like the beaches.
Ben I know! I spend a lot of time at the...
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