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Describer a mi familia
meet my family, this is my family. william is my father and mary is my mother. anne is my wife. we have two children: a daughter, sarah and a son, jack. my brother is justinand my sister is sandra. sandra is married to her husband george and they have a young daughter. her name is emily. emily is my niece. sarah and jack are siblings. justin is their uncle and sandra istheir aunt. sarah, jack, and emily are cousins. william grandparents.

conocer a mi familia, esta es mi familia. William es mi padre y mi madre es María. Ana es mi esposa. tenemos dos hijos: unahija, Sarah, y un hijo, Jack. mi hermano es justin y mi hermana Sandra. Sandra está casada con su marido George y tienen una hija pequeña. su nombre es Emily. Emily es mi sobrina. Sarah y Jack sonhermanos. justin es su tío y su tía Sandra. Sarah, Jack y Emily son primos. william abuelos.

Descripcion de personas
Tall, married, single, short, old, handsome, pretty, young
Alto, casado, solo, corto,viejo, guapo, bastante, jóvenes

thin , heavy, divorced, widowed, middle-aged

delgado, pesado, divorciado, viudo, de edad mediana

happy, sad, thirsty, tired, hungry
feliz, triste, sediento,cansado, hambriento

Mi nombre es Jennifer Mendez Giron
soy una estudiante
soy responsable, alegre y amable
con el pelo castaño y liso
My name is Jennifer Mendez Giron
I am astudent
I am responsible, cheerful and friendly
with brown hair and smooth
Clave: ,S1rlL/*
a) Q: are you from chinese? / A: No, I’m not from China. My parents are Chinese, but I’m fromPeru.
b) Q: Are you from lima? / A: Yes, I’m from Lima.
c) Q: Is Lima a city big or small? / A: Lima is a big city. The population is about 8 million.
d) Q: Is you city an place modern? / A:It’s not modern. It’s an old and interesting place.
e) Q: Is your city an expensive or a cheap place? / A: It isn’t expensive. It is cheap.

a) Q: Es usted de chino? / A: No, yo no soy de...
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