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Developing a Healthy Mind


An individual´s unique pattern of characteristic is called personality. Your personality is what makes you different from others. There are many influences on personality including heredity, environment, attitudes and behaviors.
What to know about personality?
Heredity: your heredity helps determine your intellectual abilities, temperament,and talents; for example your heredity influences your athletic ability and artistic capabilities.
Environment: your environment includes everything that is around you. Where you live and the people with whom you have contact influence your personality.
Attitudes: the feeling pr emotion a persona has toward something or someone is an attitude.
Behaviors: your behavior is what you do. What youdo influences your personality.
Personality Type
Your personality is different from your personality type. Personality type is a person´s usual way of focusing energy, gathering information, making decisions, and getting work done. It is important to know and understand your personality type because it helps you understand yourself. An understanding of personality type also helps you understandthe people with whom you interact. An understanding of personality type helps you improve your chance of working effectively and successfully with others.
A compelling to use a drug o engage in a specific behavior, continued use despite negative consequences, and loss of control is an addiction.
How addictions affects Health Status
An addiction can harm physical health: usingdrugs, including nicotine and alcohol, can harm body organs or cause death. Exercising to extremes can cause injury or other health problems.
An addiction can jeopardize safety: teens who have a thrill-seeking addiction take unnecessary risks that might result in injury and death. Teens who use drugs might choose unsafe actions and have accidents.
An addiction can harm relationships: teens who haveaddictions focus their attention on drugs or on specific behaviors. This primary focus causes them to neglect other priorities.
An addiction can cause problems with the law: drinking alcohol and gambling, including the purchase of lottery tickets, is illegal for minors. The use of marijuana, ecstasy, and other drugs also is illegal. Teens might steal money to support their gambling addiction.
Anaddiction can jeopardize financial health: teens with shopping addiction might overspend, borrow credit cards, or steal to pay for purchases. Teens with drug addiction might spend large amounts of money on drugs. Teens with gambling addiction may continue betting when they do not have any more money.
A teen´s guide to addiction
The compelling desire to use a drug even thought is harms the body,mind, or relationships is a DRUG ADDICTION. Teens with drug addiction feel the need to drink alcohol or use other drugs when they are anxious, bored, frustrated, lonely, or depressed. They depend on alcohol or other drugs to change their moods.
The compelling desire to exercise is EXERCISE ADDICTION. Teens with exercise addiction make exercise the main focus of their lives. They exercise torelieve tension and to feel in control of their lives. They put their exercise routine ahead of family, friends, studying and other responsibilities. They may push themselves to the limit and injure themselves.
The compelling desire to bet money or other things is called GAMBLING ADDICTION. Though you may think that a person with a gambling addiction spends much of his or her time in casinos, thereare other ways of gambling that also can be addictive. Lotteries and sporting events are two other forms of gambling can be addictive. Teens with gambling addiction often are bored and restless. More than one-third of teens with gambling addiction have other addictions as well.
The compelling desire for nicotine is NICOTINE ADDICTION or NICOTINE DEPENDECE. Nicotine is a stimulant drug found in...
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