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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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hello I am carmela
which is the computer that you want
look here I have these two laptop models
I will indicate him/her the specifications of each product
both are small teams and of easytransport
I have Notebook it Marks: Advance
Model: N3100
Guarantee: 12 months
Price: US $ 666.000

Processor: Intel Core i3
Speed: 2.40 GHz
Memory RAM: 2 GB
Screen: 14.0"
Hard disk: 320 GBMultióptico: DVD + /- RW Supermultigrabador
Multitarjeta: If
Webcam: If
WiFi: If
and of we give for their purchase a handbag
I also have this it schemes that it is oneNotebook Lenovo G560
It marks: Lenovo
Model: G560
Guarantee: 12 months
Price: US $ 730.000

Processor: Intel Core i3
Speed: 2.26 GHz
Memory RAM: 2 GB
Screen: 15.6"
Hard disk: 250 GBMultióptico: DVD+ / -RW (Multigrabador)
Multitarjeta: If
Webcam: If
WiFi: If
the gift for its purchase is a handbag and a LANTERN FOR LAPTOP with USB
which of the two options you choose
I recommendhim/her
the first option since is a mquina of a regular cost but with technical good specifications
ideal so that you can take the control of their clients
Good young lady cheers up for thelaptop that you recommend me
that good Mister you a good one is taken it schemes ideal for you
he/she wants ticket or he/she bills to carry out their purchase order
I want ticket
please I couldtoast their I number of dni
clearing is the 41569875
their name please completes
Elmer López Saenz
the payment carried out it to the credo or counted
I will pay it with cash
very wellMister lopez in these moments is processing its purchase order
please have a seat while we bring their team of the warehouse
thank you for their purchase

hola soy carmela
cual es la computadoraque usted desea
mire aqui tengo estos dos modelos de laptop
le voy a indicar las especificaciones de cada producto
ambas son equipos pequeños y de facil transporte
tengo la Notebook...
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