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Episode 9
an unknown man entered the fortress of the X-men and alarms and local advocacy mechanism is activated and all the X-men came to the defense but the subject said I want to be an X-menCyclops complain because the teacher gave him the opportunity lance teacher will ask why you want to be an X-men? and the answer because I think it is time to change. ok let's start with the test launchone of them had to save rogue and I throw the lifesaver and hit in the head and Shadowcat rescued after trawling bullet to his old friends in that what s new recruits were vague in night thendestroyed the whole truck x, and the next day were all disclosed to the test that night they took the x yet and thought Cyclops was launched to blame for everything but what he did not know was that he hadnothing to haul Lance woke see Shadowcat and showed him what the boys were doing damage then a spark x controls and yet his punishment was repair yet.

Episode 10
Cyclops desiende to the groundfloor where Jean Grey is teaching the girl to lose control and concentration year and so between the two to create a bridge with stones and fire, was suddenly a stone at them but Jean Grey, she said thatmiantras Cyclops destroyed it and asks the girls are well? and they were angry because they made the land throughout the body tells Cyclops entoces tell me you wanted to do.
Shadowcat shows a newgirl where is your class, after that car thieves then they went after them amara throw a fireball. formed as good a team as they began to fight crime as the time step was joining the Shadowcat, Rogue,Jean Grey.
Cyclops and Nightcrawler, but watching the girls were exposed realized and are lost, then returned to steal another car, the girls chase him until he's hiding that a wine cellar dismantledarea autos fought with all the stolen cars until defeated them in the end one of the policemen that helped escape was mistik.

Episode 11
Wolverine was going on his motorcycle when he noticed a...
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