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Justiliano in his childhood, he has done different things, helping people.
Here you´ll be knowing more about Justiliano, his personal development, Personality. His student body and his punishment in life.
This is an impressive really story.

Justiliano was sleeping on bed, and the wife said: Alfredo put this sheet on the bed and bring me the children´s sheet of their roomreferring to the girls room´s.
He took the clean sheet that she has bringed then he throw the street of their room referring to the girls room´s.
He took the clean sheet that she has bringed then he throw the sheet on the bed without know that the baby was sleeping on bed, he gave the another sheet to his wife, after that he gave to her a kiss and leaves to work.
One hour more later vale wasvisiting to alejandrina is washing today please bring me one of the baby, and I come he for a baby.
Alejadrina said: he is on bed take it when vale was looking for the little boy he said: he is not here.
The mother answered yes he is on bed. Vale moved both sheets then he lift up the sheets after that he said: I removed the both sheets and he is not here maybemaria loke it of then to her house.The mother was looking for the baby, and moved the both sheets together, and the baby wasn´t on bed.
She want to Maria’s house, and she did find the littler baby.
Vale is a joke person, but at the beginning he wasn´t joking, he was worried at the same times cause he is the godfather of the Twins.
The mother said: Where my baby is?
She was crying for her baby.
That woman is passing a badmoment, what does his husband wll be saying to her? That she wasn´t caring the baby or what?
The people of the neighbor were saying and seeing to Justino the only one baby that the mother has of the both twins, cause nobody know, where another baby is? No body thought to check very well the bed again.
Vale said Alejandrina maybe someone has the baby and leaves to the central city, or perhaps take it,cause he is not so heavy.


Everyone of them have believed to the word that vale has said that why nobody check the bed that a body is sleeping. But nobody know it.
During the morning the people were together with the Alfredo`s wife then they leaved to their house to cook cause the Midaly is coming, and everyone has to eat in their house.
Maria was caring the first born of thetwins, and the only one in that moment so the another is lost, nobody know anything about him.
The mother has nothing for eating, but she decided to go to buy the food and cook to her husband.
In that day the father was working in Imbert with the brigade, and his partner of the (CDE) Electricity Dominican Company.
When the workers have finished at twelve forty five they have decided to eat inImbert but alfredo said: Always we are working so far from to ours home and we don`t have a lot of thing to do in la colorada at five thirty we will be finishing

To organizer the line of electricity very well that why we can go homecoming now. They said: Yes, that truth and we can see our families Francisco and the driver whatever everyone lets go home when they were arriving to Alfredo house.The companions of work were sawing that something is happening.
They saw that the people are seeing to them, but at the same timesfollowing the truck until they arrived to the Alfredo and he asked what is happening here, and nobody answered his question. The people of the neighborhood were crying, but when he looked his wife and Maria with only one of the baby and the wife looking, she said: Alost the baby, I don´t know where my baby is?
And he said: but he was on bed when I leaved to work the father was saying and crying at the same times.
His companion of work where hugging and consoling the married.
The father open the cortain, and saw, but vale said: I was checking to times and I haven`t seen him yet on bed.

The father and the companion have worked together during ten years...
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