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1. They are a kind of auxiliary verbs that appear only with other verbbeside.

2. They are used for: necessity, possibility, ability, some suggestions, recommendation, requests, offers, permission, obligations, prohibitions

Ability,Possibility, Permission, Opportunity, Request (questions)

1. I am sure that Belen can swim all morning
2. He can be the first one in the class if he wants to
3. You can go to themall in the afternoon
4. This job can be an excellent opportunity
5. Dago: -Can I play the guitar?
Patricio: -Yes, of course you can, please play “Stairway to Heaven”Dago: -Oh, I’m sorry I can’t play that song.

Past of CAN, Conditional, Request “solicitud” (questions)

1. You could see a movie
2. I could swim very fast whenI was a child
3. I could be sleeping if I wasn’t here
4. Could I be your friend?

Permission, Possibility

1. May I go to the bathroom
2. It may rain in JuneMIGHT
Suggestion, Possibility

1. It might rain in June
2. You might wear a jacket if you go to Valdivia

Recommendation, Suggestion, Advice

1. Marceloshould ask if his girlfriend wants to continue their relationship
2. You should improve your English before October

Conditional, PAST, used to give meaning to themain verb *el ría de las cosas.

1. I would have gone to school in Canada if I lived there
2. I would like to learn French.

Certainty, Necessity, Prohibition,Obligation

1. You must be very tired after studying so much
2. I must get graduated this year
3. You must do your homework, Belen.
4. You must not go outside at night time
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