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Kate: Oh, no! Where are my car keys?
Joe: Relax, Kate. Are they in your purse?
Kate: No, they´re not. They’re gone!
Joe: I bet they’re on the table in the restaurant.Waiter: Excuse me. Are these your keys?
Kate: Yes, they are. Thank you!
Joe: See? No problem.
Waiter: And is this your wallet?
Kate: Hmm. No, it´s not. Where is your wallet, Joe?
Joe: In mypocket…Wait a minute! That´s my wallet!

I-Practice the conversation twice. Write a similar one and be ready to dramatize, by pairs, in class.

Modal verbs are for example may, can, must, should, need.They express an ability, permission, wish etc. to do something. (I may, can, must swim.) Many modal verbs cannot be used in all of the English tenses. That's why we need to know the substitutes to thesemodal verbs.
Modal Verb | Substitute | Example |
must | to have to | I must swim. = I have to swim. |
must not | not to be allowed to | I must not swim. = I am not allowed to swim. |
can | tobe able to | I can swim. = I am able to swim. |
may | to be allowed to | I may swim. = I am allowed to swim. |
need | to have to | I need to swim. = I have to swim. |
need not | not to have to |I need not swim. = I don't have to swim. |
shall / should/ ought to | to be supposed to / to be expected to / to be to | I shall / should / ought to swim. = I am supposed to swim. / I am expectedto swim. / I am to swim. |

Choose the correct substitute for each modal verb.
1. We ought to win the race. → win the race. We ______________ (are able to, are allowed to, are supposed to)
2.I can swim. → swim. I ______________(have to swim, am able to, am supposed to)
3. You must meet my best friend. → You ______________meet my best friend. (have to, are able to, are supposed to)4. He should be in bed by now. → He ____________be in bed by now. (has to, is allowed to, is supposed to)
5. I must get up early. → I ____________ __ get up early. (have to, am supposed to,...
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