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  • Publicado : 27 de junio de 2010
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P: Hello. Could you give me some more information about touris attractions in your town?

M: yes, of course. Well. The first is the London eye. It is a major feature of London’sskyline

P: I imagine this.I rode about this .The London eye stands a whopping 135 metres high on the South Bank between Waterloo and Westminster Bridges, right opposite Big Ben and the Houses ofParliament. I want to know it. How many capsules are there?

M: there are 25 capsules. If you want we can go now

P: Great idea!. Let’s go

M: what a pitty! It’s raining but we can go to theBritish to museum

P: ok. What do you know about the museum?

M: This museum exhibits the work of man from prehistoric to modern times from around the world. Famous objects include the Rossettastone, Parthenon Sculptures and the Portland vase

P: It’s very interesting. Look the National Gallery is opening!

M: the National Gallery in London is home to one of the great test collectionsof western European painting in the world

P: I know that the National Gallery was the forget of several bombings during World War II

M: Yes!. Fortunately, the government had foreseen thispossibility and evacuated the painting to various locations. The National Gallery is a must see art students and a mecca for lovers of western European painting

P: I think is the best museum in all ofthe London. The collection is absolutely brilliant.Is the tower bridge near here?

M: Yes, it is. The tower bridge is past the hotel, then turn left. And then I think it is the first on the left.P: Sorry, could you say that again, please?

M: Yes. The tower bridge is past the hotel, then turn left. And then I think it is the first on the left.

P: Ok. Thanks. How old is the towerbridge?

M: the tower bridge is very old. I don’t remember exactly

P: could you show me the hotel?

M: Yes .It’s near here. It’s on the second corner of this avenue

P: How many bedrooms...
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