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‘ Second opportunity (Front)
Teacher's name: M.C. Benito Ruiz.
Student's name: Carolina Boone.
Group: 220
English material…..
Date: Wednesday June 6, 2012
Value for extra points
Semester in January June 2012

Target 1 (Life is full of comparisons)
1: my way of being physically and in character ……
My fitness is:
I have average height I am not fat nor skinny I'm pearly skin longhair and brown eyes medium etcetera.
My way of being angry, desperate, all-knowing compassionate, proud, honest, critical, humble, good with other people and not abusive.

2: description of the character and dress of a person:
Fitness his complexion is plump, petite stature brown skin, long hair and Chinese big lips, large eyes and so on.

His nature ….she is nice, proud, honest, feisty,angry, compassionate, playful, very solid performance when you want much more a person and that is his way of being.
Physical description is tall, medium build, brown skin, big eyes, short hair, medium nose small ears, nose half.
description of the character is fun, angry, likes to wings help, people and the animals is very generous and I really like.

Target 2 (Different people, differentlifestyles)
1. Tree ….. Description is a brown tree with green leaves used to provide shade and oxygen.
2. Computer….is of different colors and sizes used to surf the internet and do work and communicate ....
3. Refrigerator…is of different colors and shapes used to store food and are not maintained and do not decompose as quickly.
4. Lamp…lamp used to illuminate a small and colorblack.
5. Closet…..May be of wood or other materials and used to store clothes and shoes.
6. Bed..... is green and white and used to sleep.
7. Chair…. wood is brown to sit.
8. Brush……is blue is to comb your hair.
9. Microwave….. Is square and white with light in and to heat things.
10. Couch ….Is for two people, red, with two cushions.

2: write 10 sentences aboutextreme places using adjectives in the superlative form.
1. The river of Santa Catarina is the deepest.
2. The desert is the hottest place.
3. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of all the oceans.
4. Tampico River is the largest of all rivers.
5. Goose Island is the farthest place.
6. The sun is the hottest of all.
7. Tampico sea is the most crowded whenvacation.
8. In the jungle is the most populated of animals.
9. The mountains of the city of Monterrey are the largest.
10. United States is the largest country in the world.
Target 3 (Memorable events)
(This letter) Guadalajara, October 7, 2010 Subject: Request for Attendance at Inauguration Esteban Batista Alto Editor Principal Company SA Workers Saudico SAcompany we want to invite you and Lady to attend the upcoming opening of our new bottling plant. In this way we want to share with you this important event and thank all the care provided by your company. As you'll see you soon, so welcome event is no longer a dream but a reality and self we would like much to be done this with the company of your choice. After the tour of the whole plant, there willbe major events and shows to be so many surprise that we'd like to share with you all. The show will culminate with a raffle of an original artwork donated by a local artist and valued at a figure of about 100,000 euros. Expecting your pleasant crowd, I say goodbye with all my cordiality José Pedro Onion
Employee representative of
Letter in the past tense
Guadalajara, on October7, 2010 Subject: lost the competition in the inauguration. Esteban Batista Alto Editor Principal Company SA Workers at the company Saudico SA wanted invite you and lady which contribute to the anterir opening of our new bottling plant. Thus wanted share with you this important event and thank all the care provided by your company. As soon as you saw, so agreeable event was no longer...