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E: hello?
H: hi eder.this is hector… how are you?
E: I’m fine
H: what are you doing on the weekend?
E: nothing… I´m in my house…
H: I´m going to organize a party in my neighborhood.
E: soundsgood…what kind of party?
H: Halloween party!!!
E: that´s sounds good… can I invite my friend?
H: of course… you can invite a couple of girls…
E: of course!!!... but I have a problem… I don´t havea costume
H: meeighter
E: so tomorrow we can buy a costume
H:I agree, because now I have a lot of money
E: jajajaja… ok
H: ok, see you tomorrow
H: hi guys
E: hi hector… this iscristhian
H: hi cristian
Cri: well let´s go to the costume store
H: yes, why don´t we go to cinthya´s costume store?
Cri: I disagree, because that store is expensive… also the costume is old fashionedE: so, we´re going to cinthya costume store
H: ok let´s go
E: excuse me… do you work here?
Ci: yes, welcome to the costume store… can I help you?
Cri: we need some help… we´re going to organizethe Halloween party and we need some costume
Ci: well I have most of costume… such us angel, demon, wolfman , spiderman,etc
Cri: I like this costume… can I try on it?
Ci: yes you can try on it.Cri: eder what do you think?
E: I don´t know
Cri: And you hector?
H: the costume is old fashionable
Cri: well I try on it another
Ci: I have this costume is tailor made for you
E: this costume isoutstanding
Cri:ok… thanks
Ci: and you... what kind of costume do you prefer?
H: I want original costume!!!
Ci: this costume is fashionable
H: mmm I don´t like
Ci: can I try on Rambo costume?H: it´s awesome
E: sorry to bother you… but I have a question?
Where can I find the horror costume section?
Ci: it´s from to animal section…
E: I like dracula costume….
Ci: I don´t recomend youbecause the majority of people use this costume
E: i don´t care… I’ll take it
Cri: how much is all the costume?
Ci: your costume is $40, for you is more expensive because it´s original… it´s $100...
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